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As an artist in this new millenium, I have sensed a need for a new label for the art I develop in the world of art.  Whereas the term "modern art" or "modernism" is a label used for over a century to identify art,  the label "postmodernism" has identified a movement in the late-20th century which departed from modernism.  As a label, "postmodernism" has run its course, and I have come to identify myself as a maker of culture in a movement with a new label: "SuperModernism" or "the SuperModern".  I personally relate to SuperModernism semantically by referring to the term "superconsciousness". Just as there are the subconscious and the conscious levels of thinking, there exists, I believe, a "superconscious" level of thinking. Superconsciousness is defined by the Urantia Book as "contact with the spiritual zone". 

Thus, in choosing words to identify my art, I refer to the levels of thinking: "subconscious", "conscious", and "superconscious", and create a parallel in terminology for art: "Modernism", "PostModernism", and "SuperModernism". 

SuperModernism, by my definition, can be used to understand art that in the past has been identified as "sacred art", "religious art" and "spiritual art".                 "The SuperModern" is a term I invent to describe my art

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