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         In the course of my development of sculptures in the medium invented called oil-on-canvas-&-wire, I have explored forms which have potency and universality and which could lend themselves to this medium.   Wings of birds have intrigued me because canvas can mimic the delicacy of feathers.  Ladder images can be formed with wire, over which the canvas can be manipulated.   After combining these forms and making an effigy of a winged ladder in 2002, my thinking has grown to gain a fuller appreciation of the image and has launched me on a series of images of winged ladders which I have titled "Ladders of Destiny". 
         Foremost, I value the easthetic merits of the image: the beauty of winged ladders is derived largely from a unification of contrasts.  The wing is a relatively complex form contrasting with the linear simplicity of a ladder.  The wing is an animate object, contrasting with the ladder, an inanimate object.  The play of the negative space in the image, and especially with the sculptures is noteworthy:  the negative spaces contained within the ladder and its rungs contrast with the outer negative space surrounding the form which is activated by the wings. 

I have come to realize that my invention of the image of the winged ladder is powerful, not only easthetically as a form, but also symbolically and philosophically with its content.  I have combined two ancient archetypes and have fashioned a new archetype which can speak to the new Millenium.  I want my sculptures to speak to human civilization; I pursue this series because I feel the world needs to see them. 

I look upon the image of the ladder as an emblem of civilization and its progress.  Without the ladder, civilization could not have been built ; it is intrinsic to human survival and existence, for most cultures throughout the ages of humanity.  So too, the wings of birds have stirred human imagination; indeed, the ancient Greeks bestowed wings on the sandals of Mercury, the messenger of the gods.  By bestowing wings on a ladder, I desire to upstep the material physical activity of human association with the ladder to evoke a higher activity which could express the attainment of  a spiritual progress for which civilization yearns.  I consider the image of the winged ladder to do so.

-Pedro Romero S.   2012
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